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Why Do I Buy Things That I Don't Wear?

"Why do you buy so many cute things that you don't wear??".....I asked myself that question while folding my fourth pair of bell bottom pants. I am guilty of shopping, shopping, and shopping, and not really ever wearing what I buy. I have really cute stuff in my closet! From thrift stores, from boutiques, from the ladies clothing sale page on Facebook, yet for some reason I just never really feel compelled to wear a majority of what I have.
I love online shopping and checking out the latest trends, hunting down coupon codes like a man on a mission and excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new goods, then when they arrive I rock them for a day or two, and I get back to my casual style of sweatpants and leggings and tees. I wonder if I find it too difficult to put clothes on, like maybe in my subconscious pulling on a pair of jeans just takes so much effort that I could use elsewhere, or wearing a skirt when its in the low 70s is too much of a chilly risk so I just don'…

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