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Note: I may re-use that title for my actual birthday post. I can't believe it.....i'm about to turn 21! When I was younger, my parents would hold a joint birthday party for my sister and I. We'd have two chocolate cakes, a moonbounce, and tons of friends and family around us to help celebrate. They weren't super extravagant, but I still remember them as some of the best memories i've ever had. I haven't had anything close to my moonbounce bashes in the past 10 years or so, but I kinda feel like I want to bring back the fun for my 21st!

Right now, my plan is to have an outdoor dinner with friends at the local bed & breakfast (small town, beautiful venue), and just enjoy those few hours of laughing with friends and looking back on the first 21 years of my being. The b&b is absolutely adorable....think Romeo & Juliet's quaint Italian hideaway. For food, i'm thinking platters of lasagna, mac & cheese, Caesar salad, fruits, and loooots of des…

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