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Soooo everyone's been talking about. On Instagram, Twitter, blogs etc. The good ole Nordstrom sale. I won't lie, this is really the first year i've fully paid attention to the sale, mostly because around this time the past few years I didn't really have much disposable income from my summer jobs to splurge on some goodies. I've really lucked out having an internship that allows me a little more income for the summer, and I can finally treat myself (because tbh this "sale" is not what I would consider a idea of a sale is like 70% off plus a bonus 10% for being a nice person lol).

I don't really have a major strategy for this sale, which I am kinda bummed about because it seems like everyone else is ready to go to town! With that said, I made myself a Google Doc and went through all 45 pages of the Nordstrom sale, looking through things I may be interested in. I'm making my account as I type this out, and even though I don't have a Nordstrom card i'm hoping having my links and account with card info ready to go will help me crush it on July 21st! Funny enough, I get paid on the 21st sometime before 5am so I may have to roll over, open my computer, shop, then go back to sleep if i'm not too excited from shopping! Below are my top picks from the sale, a couple of favorites got knocked out due to the pre-sale peeps getting lucky! I'd love to stay under $300 spending wise because I don't want to get too excited, but we shall see! The Patagonia vest I really wanted sold out tonight which kind of killed some of my sale buzz......I may end up adding way more to my list. Shipping and returns are free, so why not explore! What are you looking forward to getting the most from the sale?

This bell sleeve sweater ($42.90) is a mustard dream come true!

My love for bell sleeves knows no bounds, I need this pullover ($39.90)

Gotta love a pretty pair of booties (they also come in a bajillion colors, $89.90)

I kinda feel like the price ($41.90) is ridiculous and this top is slightly ridiculous but idc, I need it

This coat is just stunning.....I am a huge coat person, and this baby would be well loved ($139.90)

So in a previous post, I mentioned how I didn't like wearing earrings. I may make a 2-hour exception for these babies ($29.90)

Vans are such a classic, and even though white sneakers scare me I gotta make an exception this time ($42.90)

Gimme the bow, all the bow, nothing but the bow (for 

Last but not least, the more mustard the merrier. My bell sleeve obsession continues, and the split back just seals the deal! ($45.90)

Good luck to everyone! I hope you all land the deals of your dreams and add some awesome goodies to your closets!


  1. Great post
    The Pink Pineapple
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  2. I actually really like both bow tops! they look different as to usual striped tops and this is what makes them even more appealing. Great bargains!

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    1. Right? Totally agree, they're definitely pretty and unique!

  3. Thanks a lot for the amazing picks! I must immediately visit Nordstrom :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Love your picks! Especially the top with the bows on the sleeves. Mustard is such a pretty color.

    Simply Lovebirds


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