Winter Warmth

If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you I stroooongly dislike being cold. I wish everywhere I went was a perpetual 80 degrees, that there weren't any chilly breezes, and though its a good excuse for hot cocoa, I wish it didn't snow (which is why I am strongly considering returning down south for a full-time work position after graduation). But, if I have to make it through the winter like a champ, I gotta do it right. I am the queen of layers on layers, of warm fuzzy socks and sweats, and wrapping my scarf around my neck like a boat and calling it a day. 

One thing i've realized over the years is my love for coats, jackets and sweaters! The roomier the better so I can layer, but they've gotta look good with my outfits of course. I am looking to add another coat to my arsenal, and I have my eye on this French Purple beauty from J.Crew (i've been saving for it since this summer), this gorgeous Parka from Patagonia, and this super sleek Belted Camel Coat from River Island! Though I swoon over the J.Crew coat everytime I see it, it may be more practical for me to splurge on the parka because its more versatile and can be worn with leggings/sweats as well. Either way, i'm gonna be toaaastyyyyy and that is the dream come true.


  1. that purple coat is so cute!!

  2. That lavender j.crew coat is very nice!


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