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At this point, especially with summer here, the shopping carts from some of my favorite stores have filled up pretty quickly with pieces i'd love to magically appear in my closet. I'm really loving the fresh and airy vibe of this summer's trends, and have found myself gravitating towards whites and comfy sandals with sprinkles of statement jewelry. Below are some things pretty high on my shopping list that i've been itching to get my hands on for the summertime!

1. Clip-on Tassel Earrings: Here's a confession....I kind of hate wearing regular earrings. Ever since I was little, earrings have always bugged my ears, but I found comfort in clip-ons! The Tiny Tassel's earrings have been all over my newsfeed, and I was so glad to see they have a clip-on option too! I still haven't decided what color to get though, thats the next step.

2. White Espadrilles: Espadrilles have made a strong comeback, if they left at all, and I am here for it! I saw this white pair through an H&M window display and fell in love.

3. Quote Hat: I think these quote hats are just so fun and perfect for a day at the beach or walking around. The On Vacation hat would be great for a poolside relaxation session after a long day of being a super intern.

4. Pinstripe Bell-Sleeve Top: I have a bell-sleeve addiction and I am totally fine with it. I frequently pair my bell-sleeve tops with flared pants and soak in the good vibes that pairing gives me! Buuuut I have yet to buy this top and I need to just go for it, because what's better than pinstripes AND bell-sleeves together in harmony.

5. Distressed Crop Jeans: This particular pair may be slightly out of my price range and i'm not sure if it'd be an item i'd want to splurge on, but they're just so pretty! I dig a nice pair of cropped jeans, and these would be perfect to pull on for a casual day out or dress up for a good time with friends.


  1. okay, I love that you love clip on earrings, too! Regular chandelier or statement earrings hurt my lobes!! You have such cute choices!


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