Graduation season is upon us and joy is in the air! It's always fun to give someone a token of congratulations, and as i've been picking up gifts for family members and friends, I decided to share what some of my favorite gifts to give are! There are many variations of gifts, and it really depends on the individual receiving the gift but i'm inclined to think these 4 could apply to all.

1. Mantra Bands: I am a lover of quotes, and Mantra Bands get the job done! They're fun, delicate, and subtle, but a perfect accessory to add to a bracelet stack. And, they're a great way to give your graduate a lil kick of inspiration as they step into the real world. Etsy also has tons of options where you can customize bangles and bracelets as well, so a Class of 2017 one could be fun too.

2. Tieks Flats: For the graduate heading into the workforce, work-appropriate clothing is probably #1 on their mind! I've seen Tieks pop up on my feed from teachers to developers alike, and they seem like a trusty pair. They're slightly on the expensive side, but I think any pair of trusty and cute footwear will do the trick.

3. Stationary: I think personalized stationary is really cool, and receiving some would be pretty neat too! A nice set with some initials and maybe a lil box of office goodies would go a long way, and it doesn't have to be super fancy.

4. Longchamp Bag: I've had my black Le Pliage bag for 5 years and its still going strong. From holding mathematics text books to snacks and umbrellas, these bags are totally worth the hype and they go with anything!


  1. I'm a fan of Longchamp as well. They are definitely so durable!


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